On the exclamation mark

This one is a little bit… niche. But I think that it’s something a lot of folks have noticed: ads employing liberal use of exclamation marks. Continue reading “On the exclamation mark”


On meta-irony

Author’s note: Look, I’m an English major, and the way that we did things when I studied how to write (and the way that we still do things (I think)) is to get a little poncy with English, bandy around terms like ‘meta-irony’ and ‘normative’ and ‘austrocentrism’. The ostensible explanation for this being that we need extra-specific words for what we’re talking about; and being able to drop words like these arguably increases a writer’s, like, intellectual trust. I know it might seem like posturing, but I promise I have something important to say.

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Shredding Gnar Japow in Niseko, Hokkaido, Epic Pow Slaying Shreddage

Japow has been bigger than ever this year, and I’m here to give you a master class on coming to the Land of the Rising Sun and getting the most out of your time here. Are you writing a piece on your trip to Hokkaido? Read on–I’ve got the tips and tricks that will have the pageviews rolling in–and you rolling in the revenue! Continue reading “Shredding Gnar Japow in Niseko, Hokkaido, Epic Pow Slaying Shreddage”

Abandoned Bus in a Field

Hokkaido is full of mysteries. This fact itself isn’t a mystery–I don’t think there’s a soul alive who could catalogue the shuttered businesses, collapsed farmhouses, concrete shells, railless train stations, or empty fields littering the island. And maybe we don’t want anyone to–this, after all, is part of the allure of where we live. That feeling of being the last person awake at the end of the night, present where so many before you have left. Sure, that’s maybe over-poeticizing the thing. Whatever. When was the last time something was over-poeticized in your life?

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